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Universal Electric
StarLine Track Busway &
StarLine Plug-in Raceway

STARLINE Track Busway is the revolutionary electrical power distribution system for data center and mission critical applications, retail, industrial, and higher education markets – or for any facility where power is needed. It is the simple, versatile, fast and economical solution for supplying power to electrical loads and is unique because the busway can be tapped instantly at any location – without losing any uptime!
 – 40A – 1200A Systems
 – Thousands of receptacle/connector/breaker/use combinations
 – AC and DC systems available
 – Bus and Branch Circuit Monitoring options

Universal Electric

Powersmiths XFMR/PDU/RPP

Powersmiths transformers are wound in-house, thus opening up tremendous possibilities for multiple-taps, custom impedance, and voltage configurations. Their energy efficient XFMRs exceed DOE2016 efficiencies by up to 40% and can be integrated into PDU designs. The capabilities of rotatable IR ports and Energy Station TX packaged XFMR/BKR combinations truly set Powersmiths apart from the competiton.
 – LV XFMR 15kVA – 1350kVA
 – Packaged XFMR systems with integrated input/output breaker
 – Power monitoring with waveform capture
 – Right-sized XFMR loading characteristics
 – Rotatable IR scan port
 – Safe-maintainable PDU allows for adding circuits while supplying load
 – E-Saver equipment contributes to LEED and NetZero goals. 


POLARGY Aisle Containment & Structured Ceiling

PolarPlex Containment
 – Hot Aisle or Cold Aisle Containment
 – Suspended Panel Systems
 – Swing or Sliding Doors
 – Rack Top Baffles
 – Flat-Pack panel system can be quickly field-fit, saving time for deployment

PICS Structural Ceiling Grid system
 – 38lb/sqft and 400lb point load rating
 – 2’x4′ panels supported at 4’x6′ intervals, providing 33% savings over traditional 4’x4′ interstitial drop-rod systems


Atom Power
Solid State Circuit Breakers 

Solid State Breaker Technology, Motor Controls, & EV Charging
 – Embrace safer technology in circuit interruption and coordination.
 – Clear in ~3 microseconds, virtually eliminating arc-flash hazard.
 – Built in relays, controls, and logic.
 – Multiple source transfers.
 – User re-programmable for all settings and controls with AtomOS.

Atom Power

BTU Research
Power over Ethernet UPS

IoT optimized backup power source
Rapid deployment
Stay off grid for hours or days
Indoor and outdoor options
External batteries for additional runtime

BTU Research

EATON Corporation
UPS & Power Distribution


350VA – 3,300kVA Parallel and Isolated Redundant Systems
System Output and Bypass Switchgear
DC Flywheel Technology for UPS
Solutions for corporate data centers or small office/home office
Single Phase Off-Line
Single Phase Line-Interactive
Single Phase Double Conversion
Three Phase Double Conversion


PDU’s with Panelboards or Subfeed Breakers
24″ Remote Power Panels with 2-4 Panelboards
Branch Circuit Monitoring
Computer Room Power Cables
Computer Grade Transformers
Rack-Mounted PDU’s and ATS
Integrated TVSS
Sandwich-Style Busway